Team Extreme Rush

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Re-Volt Untils and Mods
Oh, and some other tools...
RvMod7 - RvGlue
RV Minis 5 - This pack is great for track builders, with tools to help them make transparency on instances and objects.
WScale 4 By SRMalloy
RV EET - By Doctor_Zoidberg
Battle Tag Converter - Lets you make a track into Battle Tag..Hmm i think the name of the tool gives it away.
Chaos Tools - A Really good collection of tool along with a straight foward manual. Great for new modders!

Patches and Upgrades:
Re-volt Patch 9.016 - This patch lets you race custom tracks online.
Re-Volt Patch 12.07 - Stops CD Check and In-Game Music. But Messes up sound
Pick-Up Trainer (Win 98/95 Only) - Lets you select pick-ups with the F1 etc Keys ( XP Version. )
Re-Volt Extender - Way better then .reg cheat file, lets you make muti users, unlock what you want by selecting the cups. A very well organised frontend for re-volt.
Font Fix - Make the in-game font much more clearer.
Sounded2 - Over 10 High Quality and more realistic sounds.

Online Tools
RV House - The best way to play online at the moment, updated quite a lot. If this link is down always try the official site.
GameSpy Arcade

NFS Underground Mod
Since no screenshot, a description might help..
The NFSU mod is quite interesting, Just a few .bmp maps and alot of cars collected from the net, But i gotta say a lot of time was used to make the neon glows, but they are all purple. I guess you should just give it a shot.

Re-Volt Pro-Racer Mod

by. AliasRevoltMaster
Adeon Challenge

by. AliasRevoltMaster
A very good mod! This mod has replaced all cars with Adeons, with body kits tinted windows, neons and rims/wheels. New strings etc. Some screenshots will be put so you understand what I mean, Oh almost forgot.. The frontend and a few other tracks have been retextured to make the game more mature for example the wood on the ramps on Nhood1.

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